Welcome back everyone, and a big welcome to new members.
Below is some important information about the club
  • Membership fee:- Adult €150, 3rd level & Unemployed €110, €80 for the first child,          €70 second child, €60 third child and €50 for fourth child. Also €30 "astro training fee" applicable per family if one or more junior is training Mon or Thurs nights. For insurance reasons any child who is not registered and has not paid will not be allowed to play.                                                                                                        

  • Please make sure that your email address and phone numbers are written clearly on the form.


  • ‘What’s app’ is used to pass information to parents, please download this app to your phone. A general group has been established for club notices as well as individual threads for each age group to arrange blitzes etc. Please reply promptly when requested on the appropriate group.

  • Volunteers are always needed to help with supervision, fundraising and coaching. Please let Vicky know if you can help in any way (086 8810175)


  • Please ensure your child wears shin guards and their gum shield to all sessions.

  • For health and safety please collect your child from their coach promptly at the end of their session. During sessions we advise that younger siblings do not wait/play on the sidelines as they will not be covered by insurance should injury occur.                                                  

  • Please follow all Covid 19 instructions given by your coach or Club Official.                           

  • Blitzes will be arranged throughout the year for each age group and you will be notified by  your child's coach. Participation is encouraged as this is a great opportunity to play on an    official hockey pitch.


  • Club kit is available from the O'Neills website. Click HERE to access the page


  • Any old hockey sticks would be appreciated for club use.                                                         

Hockey Stick Size Guide

NOTE: If you are 5’10” you don’t have to use a 37.5″ stick, it is completely a matter of personal choice and equally someone under 5’10” may prefer a slightly longer Hockey stick and opt for the 37.5″, in our experience the majority of Hockey players choose a 36.5″ Hockey Stick. The best advice we can offer is to try out a few Hockey sticks so that you choose the stick that is most suitable for your position and style of play.

The length of your field hockey stick is very important. We have listed a few methods for choosing a hockey stick length below.

  • Junior Hockey Sticks are available in sizes 24” up to full size 36.5”. Junior sticks are available in wood or fibre Glass. 

  • To measure a child (5 Ft 2” or under) hold the hockey stick at their side and it should be just under their hip or belly button.

  • If you cannot decide between two lengths, you should consider your child’s position. On defence, a longer stick is useful to provide a longer reach and to allow the player to drive the ball further. On the other hand, a shorter stick improves a player’s stick handling skills on offense.

  • Once a young person reaches the age of approximately 13 they will be in a full size stick ie 36.5”(5 f 3”), so you do not need to measure the stick to your hip or belly button once you reach this height.

  • Senior Sticks are available in wood, Glass Fibre and a combination of Fibre Glass, Kevlar and Carbon. When Senior Players are choosing a hockey stick they will choose a stick based on what feels comfortable for them and their style, so it is more of a personal choice.

  • The majority of hockey players use a 36.5” stick. The best way to choose a hockey stick is try out a few sticks and choose the one that feels the best for you.

  • There are no left handed hockey sticks, all field hockey sticks are made to be played right handed.


Stick Length                Height

26″                              3′ 5″ – 3′ 7″

28″                              3′ 8″ – 4′ 0″

30″                              4′ 1″ – 4′ 3″

32″                              4′ 4″ – 4′ 6″

34″                              4′ 7″ – 5′ 0″

35″                              5′ 1″ – 5′ 2″


36.5″                           5′ 3″ upwards


37.5″                           5′ 10″ upwards