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Results season 2017-2018

January 2018

Dublin North v Gorey

Senior Ladies

Posted on January 6, 2018

Division 11/12 Cup - Quarter-final

Saturday last saw Gorey Ladies Hockey Club travel to the National Sport Centre to take on Dublin North in the Division 11/12 Cup Quarter Final.

Dublin North started the game well in the opening minutes making runs up their wings threatening Gorey's circle. Entering the D, Dublin North won their first short corner of the match. Left Back Ruth Evans ran first runner and deflected the ball wide for a long corner. Dublin North took their corner quickly passing the ball towards Gorey's penalty spot however goalie Fiona Mythen made the important save denying Dublin the opening score. Zoe Kenny came on so Ruth could have her minor hand injury taken care of.

Gorey Ladies Hockey are now through to the Semi-finals at the end of January

Gorey settled at last. Centre back, Bridget Kenny took the hit out finding Robyn Swords who sent the ball directly into Dublin's circle. Only on the pitch subsitute Zoe Kenny was at hand to slot the ball home giving the visitors an early lead. Dublin North questioned the score but the Referee confirmed the ball was over the line. The goal stood (1-0).

From the restart, midfielders Nicola Ryan, Robyn Swords and Sarah Merrigan worked hard to gain possession which eventually paid off with a free. Gorey's Gillian Bailey found Sarah Merrigan on the right wing who dribbled into Dublin North's D cleanly striking the ball directly into the back left corner of the goal doubling Gorey's lead (2-0).
Restarting the game, Lyndsey Walters stole possession once more making a run up the wing, with Nicola Ryan and Olive McGarry trading passes. A free inside the 23, found Bridget Kenny who flicked the ball onto Mureann Deegan finding Dublin North's Goal increasing the lead to 3-0.

Dublin North restarted making numerous runs up the right side. Excellent play from Olive McGarry and Nicola Ryan won the ball. Gorey entered their circle one more time. Lyndsey Walters and Zoe Kenny were camped out in front of Dublin's goal. A clever deflection from Zoe gave Gorey the 4-0 cushion going into half-time. With a couple of minutes to the half-time whistle Dublin North attacked down the left side. Two missed tackles allowed Dublin into Gorey's circle where their first goal was scored from a tight angle into the far post. Half-time (4-1).

Dublin North had push back and applied the pressure. With a 4-1 lead Gorey sat back allowing more open play with both sides trading blows.

Gorey then started to press, along with some precise passing between the backs and midfield comprising of Imogen McGuinness, Gillian Bailey, Bridget Kenny, Ruth Evans (who had returned to the field) Nicola Ryan, Robyn Swords and Olive McGarry. Dublin North also worked hard and they were awarded a penalty corner. Their direct shot was saved by Gorey's goalie Fiona Mythen. A second corner was given but Gorey's defender Imogen McGuinness struck the ball well away from danger.

With the match coming to a close Gorey saw off Dublin North's persistence. Olive McGarry took one last free from the halfway line. Passing to Bridget Kenny who in turn found Muireann Deegan who SWEPT the ball into the far corner making the final score 5-1.

  • Team:
  • Gorey Team: Fiona Mythen (C), Ruth Evans, Bridget Kenny, Gillian Bailey, Imogen McGuinness, Sarah Merrigan(1) Robyn Swords, Nicola Ryan, Lyndsey Walters, Muireann Deegan (2), Olive McGarry, Zoe Kenny (2)

Portrane v Gorey

Senior Ladies

Marie-Therese Buttle, now playing for Glennane

Posted on January 28, 2018

Leinster League Cup- Division 11-12

Gorey Ladies travelled to Portrane 2nds in their latest Divisional League Cup match.

Gorey won the toss and chose to take push back. Portrane intercepted a pass and made a run up the right flank, winning a Penalty Corner in the opening minutes. From the corner, Gorey's defense Vicky Hughes, Bridget Kenny, Gillian Bailey and Imogen McGuinness ensured the ball went wide. From the hit out, Bridget Kenny found Lyndsey Walters on the left wing sending the ball across the face of the goal however Gorey was unlucky to open the scoring.

Portrane made a number of runs up their right wing winning a brace of short corners. Portrane's only direct strike on goal was saved by Gorey's Keeper, Fiona Mythen deflecting the ball wide for a long corner. Portrane failed to capitalise on their immediate attack.

From the hit out, Gillian Bailey found midfielder Sarah Merrigan who passed to Robyn Swords. Entering the circle Gorey won their first corner of the match. Gorey sent the ball to the top of the circle, Sarah Merrigan struck the ball straight in the left corner giving Gorey the early lead (1-0).

Sarah Merrigan struck the ball straight in the left corner giving Gorey the early lead

From the restart, Gorey won possession close to the midfield line. Winger Nicola Ryan sent the ball into the circle once again where Lyndsey Walters swept the ball past Portrane's goalie doubling the visitors lead (2-0).

The half-time whistle gave Portrane a welcome break from Gorey's press. Restarting the match, Portrane put together a number of attacking runs towards Gorey's goal. Ruth Evans, Olive McGarry and Nicola Ryan worked hard to gain possession. A side-line free for Gorey was taken quickly by Vicky Hughes, finding Robyn Swords who dribbled into the D winning the first penalty corner of the second half. Gorey's Lyndsey Walters, Nicola Ryan, Zoe Kenny and Imogen McGuinness set up for their short. Sarah Merrigan switched the ball to Nicola Ryan . Nicola's perfect strike gave Gorey their third goal of the match. (3-0). Gorey retained the majority of possession in the second half. This was evident through a number of missed chances by Gorey's forwards Zoe Kenny, Lyndsey Walters, Muireann Deegan and Robyn Swords. Gorey started to press once more, using their wings well. From midfield Imogen McGuinness dribbled towards Portrane. Drilling the ball into the circle Gorey's Muireann Deegan secured victory with a fourth goal (4-0).

Gorey's win at the weekend sees them through to the League Cup Semi-final to be held in March against Portrane's 1st Team.

  • Team:
  • Gorey Team: Fiona Mythen (Capt), Vicky Hughes, Bridget Kenny, Gillian Bailey, Imogen McGuinness, Ruth Evans, Sarah Merrigan (1), Robyn Swords, Zoe Kenny, Lyndsey Walters (1), Muireann Deegan (1), Olive McGarry, Nicola Ryan (1)

In other news, Congratulations to Gorey's former player, Marie-Therese Buttle who took part in the 2018 Irish Indoor Hockey Finals held over the weekend with Glennane who were unlucky not to progress to the Final eventually placing third.

Gorey v Old Alex

Senior Ladies

Posted on January 6, 2018

Division 12 -Leinster League

Saturday last saw Old Alex travel to Enniscorthy Astro to take on Gorey on a wet afternoon.

Gorey took tip and made some attacking plays through the middle by Sarah Merrigan, Ruth Evans, Zoe Kenny and Robyn Swords in the opening 15 minutes.  Gorey won a short corner but did not capitalise. Old Alex caught the home team on the break up the right wing. From the 23 metre line Alex sent the ball in towards the penalty spot and touched the ball past Gorey's keeper, Fiona Mythen. (0-1).

Gorey remained strong restarting the game however another interception by Old Alex was rewarded with a short corner. Gorey's Defense Vicky Hughes, Gillian Bailey, Bridget Kenny and Imogen McGuinness ensured Alex did not score from the penalty corner.  Alex took the long corner quickly managing to get a direct shot off from the top of the circle. Gorey's goalie Fiona Mythen saved the rising shot with her stick. The deflected ball fell towards the back post where Old Alex's centre forward tapped the ball into goal doubling their lead just before the half-time whistle (0-2).

Gorey started the second half fast and furious winning a brace of short corners

Gorey started the second half fast and furious winning a brace of short corners. Gorey sent the ball into the circle with forwards Lyndsey Walters, Nicola Ryan making runs in with Sabhdh Corcoran on hand to slot it home (1-2).

From Old Alex's restart, Gorey worked hard once more to gain possession and made a number of attacks up the wing,  unlucky not to score. 

Alex took the hit out and with excellent passing play were in front Gorey's goal. Keeper Fiona Mythen  came out and saved Old Alex's  attempt. A short corner was then given. Centre defender Gillian Bailey ran first runner and deflected the ball out to the sideline. Alex could not penetrate Gorey's defense.

With 5 minutes to go, Gorey counter attacked with Nicola Ryan passing the ball into Old Alex's circle where Lyndsey Walters was waiting to score the equaliser (2-2).

Alex restarted the game but time quickly ran out before either team to find the winner. Well played.

  • Team:
  • Gorey Team: Fiona Mythen, Imogen McGuinness, Bridget Kenny, Gillian Bailey, Vicky Hughes, Ruth Evans, Sarah Merrigan, Robyn Swords, Nicola Ryan, Zoe Kenny, Sabhdh Corcoran (1), Lyndsey Walters (1)

Gorey v Pembroke

Senior Ladies

Posted on January 20, 2018

Leinster League - Division 12

Last Saturday, Gorey welcomed Pembroke Wanderers to a wet Wicklow for their latest League Match

Pembroke opted to take push back and immediately applied pressure. Pembroke entered the circle and won the first penalty corner of the match. From the corner Pembroke took a direct shot raising the ball to the top left corner of the goal. Gorey's goalie Fiona Mythen deflected the ball wide with her glove. The umpire blew the whistle and awarded a free out as the shot was high and dangerous. From the free, Gorey's Gillian Bailey found Ruth Evans who ran up the wing, passing to Lyndsey Walters who in turn slipped the ball to Muireann Deegan sweeping the ball into the goal. (1-0).

From the restart, Pembroke pressed making ground through the middle.Gorey's midfield, Robyn Swords and Nicola Ryan worked hard to win possession. With a switch in play to the left side, Vicky Hughes found Ruth Evans again and sent the ball into the circle. Pembroke Wanderers' defense remained strong but couldn't clear the ball in time. Lyndsey Walters was on hand to tap in Gorey's second goal (2-0).

Gorey restarted the second half.... and had the majority of the possession.

Pembroke restarted the game and pressed once more. From a sideline free, Pembroke sent the ball into Gorey's circle where their centre forward took a direct shot but keeper Fiona Mythen saved again on the stroke of half-time.

Gorey restarted the second half. Bridget Kenny, Sadhbh Corcoran made a number of excellent passing runs. Gorey had the majority of the possession. The midfield's hard work eventually paid off when Bridget Kenny passed to Robyn Swords from inside their own half, flicking the ball over a Pembroke's stick to Muireann Deegan beating the last defender with only the goalie to beat. Keeping a cool head, Muireann ran around their keeper and slotted home Gorey's third goal. Gorey's fourth came moments later as Imogen McGuinness won the ball in midfield, passing to Nicola Ryan who directed the ball into the circle. Lyndsey Walters tried another strike but was saved by Pembroke's keeper. Winger Sadhbh Corcoran netted the rebound to give Gorey a 4-Nil lead.

Pembroke Wanderers remained resolute. Winning three consecutive penalty corners. Gorey's defense Vicky Hughes, Bridget Kenny, Gillian Bailey and Imogen McGuinness held firm. Runners Gillian Bailey and Bridget Kenny cleared the ball well. On Pembroke's third try, they switched the ball left and took a strike. An unfortunate deflection sent the ball over the Gorey keeper's shoulder giving Pembroke their only goal of the match (4-1).

  • Team:
  • Gorey Team: Fiona Mythen (Capt), Vicky Hughes, Bridget Kenny, Gillian Bailey, Imogen McGuinness, Nicola Ryan, Robyn Swords, Ruth Evans, Lyndsey Walters (1), Muireann Deegan (2), Sadhbh Corcoran (1)

Best of Luck to Gorey Ladies in their upcoming Cup Match away to Portrane H.C. on Saturday 27th of January.