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Naas v Gorey

Senior Ladies


Posted on February 8, 2018

Leinster League- Division 12

Last Saturday saw Gorey Ladies travel to Naas for their latest League match.

Gorey started the game well applying pressure in the Naas circle. Zoe Kenny managed to tap the ball into the goal just as the referee blew for a short corner. Gorey failed to seize the opportunity and the match remained scoreless.

Gorey had most of the possession in the opening 15 minutes, however they lost possession at the halfway line and Naas sent a long ball into their forward line allowing a clear shot. The ball was cleanly struck and accurate ending up in the bottom left hand corner just out of reach of goalie Ruth Evans (1-0).

Inspired by their first goal Naas found a new sense of drive. Excellent play from the Naas midfield sent the ball again into their forward line who slipped the ball into Gorey's Goal (2-0) doubling their lead.

Gorey needed to settle and focus fast. Gorey did not disappoint. Nicola Ryan and Sadhbh Corcoran made a run down the right side passing the ball to forward Lyndsey Walters who confidently swept the ball into goal (2-1).

The ball lifted towards the top right hand corner of the goal,

Gorey's defense made up of Bridget Kenny, Imogen Mc Guinness, Vicky Hughes and Sarah Merrigan were determined not to allow Naas into Gorey's Circle any more. Bridget Kenny took the hit out finding Muireann Deegan who brought the ball into the circle, taking a shot from her reverse stick. The ball lifted towards the top right hand corner of the goal, about to skim wide however Gorey's Sadhbh Corcoran and Lyndsey Walters were on hand to tap the ball down and into the goal equalizing (2-2). 

Half time.

Naas restarted the second half. With hard work from Gorey's midfield Robyn Swords, Muireann Deegan and Nicola Ryan, Gorey advanced towards the Naas circle. Sarah Merrigan took the ball through the Naas midfield and defense to find Sadhbh Corcoran who struck the ball cleanly into the goal (2-3). Gorey took the lead for the first time in the match.

Gorey continued to have the majority of possession however the speed and accuracy of the Naas forward line meant they looked dangerous on the break. Imogen Mc Guinness repeatedly won the ball with Bridget Kenny and Vicky Hughes both working together to drive the ball back into the Naas half.

Robyn Swords passed a side line ball to Sarah Merrigan who once more worked the ball into Naas' circle passing the ball to Lyndsey Walters who's shot was saved. Zoe Kenny was on hand to sweep the ball into the goal (2-4).

Gorey continued to press with forwards Sadhbh Corcoran, Zoe Kenny and Muireann Deegan making runs torwards the Naas circle winning a short corner. Robyn Swords pushed the ball out to Sarah Merrigan who switched the ball towards Nicola Ryan who struck the ball cleanly into the goal (2-5).

In the last minute of the game Muireann Deegan secured another short corner for Gorey, they repeated the penalty, with Nicola Ryan striking the ball into goal once more (2-6).

After a nervy start Gorey ran out worthy winners securing another 3 League points.

  • Team:
  • Gorey Team: Ruth Evans, Imogen Mc Guinness, Bridget Kenny, Vicky Hughes, Sarah Merrigan (Capt), Nicola Ryan (2), Muireann Deegan, Robyn Swords, Sadhbh Corcoran (2), Lyndsey Walters(1), Zoe Kenny (1)

Gorey U10 - Portrane

Girls U10
Posted on January 29th, 2017

Well done to our u10 girls who played brilliantly against Portrane Hockey Club 

Gorey v Pembroke

Girls U16
Posted on January 29th, 2017

Gorey under 16 travelled to Pembroke Wanderers on Sunday for a top of the table clash.

"Gorey remain top of the table in the league"

Pembroke took the push back but the hard-working Gorey midfield of Siobhra Bairead, Muireann Deegan and Sadhbh Corcoran and solid defence by Olive McGarry Niamh o’Halloran Aisling Kirwan and Robyn Swords. Gorey quickly regained possession and took control of the game. Gorey applied pressure on the Pembroke goal with a pass from Siobhra into Racheal who’s shot skimmed wide past the left post. with the determination from forwards Zoe Kenny and Tegan Veitch Gorey continued to apply pressure in front of the Pembroke goal but skilful play from the Pembroke goalie continued to deny Gorey a score.

Gorey continued to press forward and the teams hard work finally paid off when a free from Robyn found Sadhbh who passed the ball to olive [now playing right wing for Zoe due to injury] Olive had a direct shot which was saved by the Pembroke goalie but Muireann was on hand to strike the ball home 1-0.

Gorey continued to retain most of the possession in the second half securing five short corners, but failing to score anymore goals. Gorey had two one on one chances against the Pembroke goalie however both attempts went just wide of the post. in the final few minutes, Pembroke seized their chance and headed for the Gorey circle fast thinking by Ava and sure footed kicking by goalie Ruth saved two direct shots with Siobhra Bairead clearing the ball up the field. final score Gorey 1-0 Pembroke 7s. Gorey remain top of the table in the league.

  • Team:
  • Ruth Evans(capt), Aisling Kirwan, Ava Ryan, Niamh o a’Hlloran, Robyn Swords, Siobhra Baired, Muireann Deegan, Sadhbh Corcoran(player of the match), Rachel Mcsweeny, Olive McGarry, Tegan Veitch, Zoe Kenny