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Come dine with me..

Posted on 13th November 2017

Our second fundraiser for the new pitch is "come dine with me".

Tips on hosting a party

The most important thing with hosting a dinner party is everyone has a good time. That includes the host.Choose meals that can be prepared in advance. You don’t want to be slaving in the kitchen while your guests are having a good time without you. Choose a meal that is appropriate for your level of kitchen expertise. Don’t stress !! Consider the atmosphere and possibly some mood lighting or candles and background music.

The most important thing with hosting a dinner party is everyone has a good time.

Dressing the table adds to the sense of occasion and can make an ordinary meal seem fancy! For collecting money it’s a good idea to have a jar or container clearly labelled for money in a prominent position. That way there is no awkwardness asking friends to handover money. It also keeps it all together - maybe even have this leaflet next to it.

For some recipe ideas visit Gorey Hockey Club “Gorey Come Dine With Me ” Facebook page.

Collected money can be returned in a clearly labelled envelope to:

  • Alan Redmond
  • Redmond’s Butchers, Johns’s Street, Gorey
  • or Lorna Stephens

If you need trestle tables or folding chairs for a bigger crowd, we have some available. Message us via “Gorey Come Dine With Me ” Facebook page.

How it works?

Pick a night

  • Invite a group of 4 or more friends for dinner.
  • Prepare a 2 or 3 course meal.

Invite your guests to donatewhat they would normally spend on a meal out or what they think the meal was worth.

Enjoy your night with friends while raising money for this fantastic community facility.