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Under 16 Girls

The 3rd/4th year/under 16’s secondary school girls have started in there 1st year in the Leinster League, the club has never had a team at this age group before.

The majority started training and playing for the club from the ages of between 6-8. Training and playing in the local Southeast blitz’s. There has been a core of about 8 girls, that have all grown up playing together and are from a variety of backgrounds and 5 different schools.

moving to a variety of facilities

Initially they trained at the “Show Grounds” on grass, then moving to a variety of facilities and surfaces including “Courtown Hibs” on shale, Craanford’s indoor on artificial grass and also on indoor wooden floor at the Community School.


The group are currently now training with the senior ladies team on Thursday evenings at the Astro Active in Enniscorthy. The majority are eligible to play for the senior team, and all 4th’s years are currently supporting the senior team on a weekly basis.

Leinster League

The girls are playing in the Leinster League “Girls Intermediate” (3rd/4th Yr) Inter white 1, and currently leading the table, with 2 wins out of 2 to date. Click for the table

South-East League

All 3rd year girls are also playing with 2nd years in the local Southeast league against Carlow, Wexford, Enniscorthy & Kilkenny."