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New Pitch Development

New location, new pitch

Posted on November 17, 2017

After many years without a home, this year Gorey Hockey Club has secured lands from Wexford County Council at Creagh, Gorey for the development of their own pitch and clubhouse.

This is the culmination of many years of work from many different people. But we are delighted to finally arrive at this point. This exciting development will be a shared use facility between the schools in the area. (St Joseph’s Primary school, Gorey Educate Together and Creagh College). They will have access during school hours to use as they wish for a variety of games, PE and sporting activities. It will also be available to other community groups and rented out for other sports when not in use for hockey. Planning for this development is well under way. And focus has now turned to raising the necessary funds to make this happen. This facility will be funded through a combination of fundraising by the clubs and schools, a loan and sports capital grants. We have made a great start to the fundraising efforts but still have a long way to go. All help is greatly appreciated. This will be a phased development.

This will be a phased development.

Phase 1

This will focus on construction of a full size astroturf pitch and all necessary siteworks complete with welded mesh fencing.

Phase 2

This will involve the erection of Floodlighting. This will extend the times that the facility can be in use and will also allow the facility to be rented out for soccer etc in the evening when not in use for hockey. I will also allow for training in the evening during winter months.

Phase 3

This will involve the construction of the clubhouse with changing rooms and viewing area.

Community and Town

Posted on November 17, 2017

Benefit to the Community

Bringing out the best in each other

These facilities will be available to rent out for the whole community to enjoy. They will be floodlit and can be subdivided into 3- perfect for games of 5 a-side soccer. It will also be an all-weather surface, so for those wet months in January and February, instead of running around in the mud, clubs and teams will be able to run around on a firm, dry, floodlit astro-turf pitch for a change from muddy boots and mucky clothes.

Together Everyone Achieves More

People often say that Gorey is a great place to live and “sure it has everything,” and they are right. This facility will add to the amenities in the town and provide more choice and services to all the people of Gorey. It is another thing that will make this a great place to live and also a great place to visit as Gorey Hockey Club will host many visiting teams and tournaments. Having this facility in the heart of the town, within walking distance to all amenities, is fantastic!

Benefit to the Club

Posted on November 17, 2017

Our New Home – Close to Yours!

On completion, this new playing facility will open a new chapter in the life of Gorey Hockey Club. Based on similar experiences, with other clubs, we hope to double or treble our current membership. We hope to be able to offer excellent facilities for our kids and junior members to play, learn the skills of hockey, have fun and set them up with a game that they can play for the next 30-40 years! This new facility will be in the heart of the town making life easier for busy parents dropping kids off. Many children may even be able to walk to training.

This new facility will allow the senior club to grow from one senior ladies team to include several senior teams and men’s teams once facilities for training and matches are in place.

The club strives to build lifelong participation in sport and club. We aim to build a club community and facility we can be proud of. There will be opportunities for life long participation in club community through umpiring and coaching and managerial positions.

Benefits to School

Posted on November 17, 2017

The Future Starts Here.

Gorey Hockey Club’s new facilities will be located at the doorstep of St. Joseph’s Primary School. Also near Creagh College and Gorey Educate Together. This new facility will be available to the schools to use for sporting activities and P.E.

A multitude of games can be played on this surface. It is a flat, all weather playing surface that won’t bring mud back into the classroom. It contains a rubber layer so it doesn’t hurt as much as tarmac to fall on so there are less injuries. A multitude of games and drills can be done on this surface such as soccer, hockey, Gaelic football, hurling, tennis, rounders and other fun games.

Hockey is a non-contact sport. Some kids just don’t like contact sports and let’s face it it’s not for everybody and that’s okay. Hockey can provide an alternative to these kids, that may otherwise drift away from sport altogether, and not enjoy the many benefits that playing team sports can bring. Such as: building confidence and leadership skills, promoting an active lifestyle (we are all too sedentary now),making friends, being part of a team and having a sense of belonging.